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*** CNG-One, LLC is engaged in the business of motor fuel system conversion to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) in addition to the factory designed fuel system.

CNG-One will provide fueling equipment sale & service for personal & fleet applications, please view our futured CNG compressor at as well as leasing and financing services. Please contact one of our innovators for more details.

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What is CNG?
CNG is Compressed Natural Gas.stored at high pressure. Natural gas is a gas that comes from within the earth and consists of about 85% methane (CH4), 10% nitrogen (N) and carbon dioxide (CO2), and the balance is ethane (C2H6), propane (C3H8), and butane (C4H10).  The octane rating of natural gas is ~130.

Can I use the natural gas at my home?
Yes if you compress it.  The natural gas at your home is not compressed.  It is at a low pressure (5 PSI in most homes) and can only be used if you have a CNG compressor installed.  We will have home filling stations available in the near future with many affordable options. 

Where can I fill my car with CNG?
Click on this link to view the interactive map of filling stations in various areas  . New quick fill stations are being planned for the Cleveland area CNG Filling Stations

Do you have a dealer and installer program and do you have training?

Yes, we will be training installers in the near future throughout the USA. 

How much CNG will my car use?

The Amount used depends on the vehicle size and engine.  There may only be minor variations in the fuel mileage between petroleum and CNG.

Will using CNG harm my engine?
No, it is better for your engine since it produces less carbon deposit and it burns much cleaner, you can go multiple the distance between oil changes and normal engine maintenance when running on CNG.

Are your kits EPA Approved?
In many states EPA approved kits are not required. EWS published the following statement to answer this question “No, and you are not required to have an EPA approved conversion kit installed on your own car.  Most conversion kits installed throughout the USA are not EPA approved conversion kits and are being installed throughout the USA without anyone having problems from the EPA.  It is the installers of EPA approved kits that do not want you to install a non EPA approved conversion kit on your car and they are trying to frighten the consumer from installing them”.

CNG-One features EPA approved and non-approved conversion kits, but in any case CNG-One will not tamper with the vehicle emission components at all, our kits and added CPU will only monitor the original vehicle sensors.

Will I be able to get any tax credits?
are cooperating with elected Ohio officials for state Tax Credit incentives and will publish the information when available.  “For Federal tax credit only EPA approved natural gas conversions by qualified mechanics qualify, and getting a conversion certified is about $500,000 per engine per model year. Approved conversion installations cost $12,000 and up and are only available for a few 2006 to 2009 vehicles (EWS publication). 

Will I be able to pass my state inspections?
You should not have any trouble passing your inspections.  Our installation includes, where available, EPA Emissions Testing before and after installation. Your emissions will be much lower if tested while on CNG. 

Can I install more than one cylinder?
Yes, you may wish to install more than one cylinder to increase your driving range, particularly in larger 8 cylinder vehicles. Most users only need enough daily CNG to cover the average daily commute (about 100 miles)

How long will it last?
Your kit and cylinder will last for many years, and will most likely outlast your car.

What maintenance is required?
You only need to perform a quick visual inspection of your system each time you fill your car with natural gas.

Can it be removed?
Yes, you can remove it if you want and install it in another vehicle, but you may need a few different parts, which you can purchase from us.

Can I sell my CNG vehicle or will it have to be removed?
Yes, you can sell your car without removing your conversion kit and you should get a much better price for your vehicle.

Can the CNG cylinder explode in an accident?
A CNG cylinder is a very strong and thick storage tank and is just as safe as or safer than a thin plastic or metal gasoline tank.  Millions of cars have been safely driving on CNG for many years including many federal, state, and local government vehicles. CNG is as safe if not safer that gasoline.

Do the kits violate any EPA or Clean Air Act laws?
No, none of our kits emulate any signals to the engines ECU and no emission systems are modified.  We have the only low cost conversion kits that do not modify any ECU signals.

Can it be installed on a hybrid?
 No, we do not recommend installing a kit on a hybrid. 

Can it be installed on a turbo charged engine?
Yes, it can be installed on a turbo charged engine. 

Can it be installed on a diesel engine?
We have conversion kits for diesel engines.  A diesel engine requires a dual fuel system with the proper diesel/CNG mix to operate safely. The conversion will be a mixture of the two fuels simultaneously with impressive added power and fuel economy.

Natural gas facts

Natural gas is composed primarily of methane.  It is a naturally occurring form of energy. 


Natural gas is environmentally benign and is transported primarily through a vast network of underground pipelines. Natural gas in non-toxic and is colorless.


Natural gas is lighter than air, approximately 1/2 the weight, and will dissipate if allowed to reach the outside atmosphere.


Natural gas has a high ignition temperature, approximately 1163 degrees Fahrenheit.


Natural gas flammability range is approximately 5 - 15% gas in air.


Natural Gas is cleaner than other forms of energy due to its molecular composition (CH4), that is only 1 atom of Carbon and 4 atoms of Hydrogen compared to Diesel (C14H30) which has 14 atoms of Carbon and 30 atoms of Hydrogen and therefore the polluting byproduct is a lot higher...


Natural Gas costs are usually calculated in MCF (thousand cubic feet). Since CNG is normally sold as a gas rather than a liquid, it isn't measured in gallons, but can be converted on an energy basis that equals a gallon of gasoline. The term used for this conversation is GGE, or "gallon of gasoline equivalent."  One MCF is equivalent to 8 GGE. The cost of 1 GGE as tested has beed between 99 Cents and 2.50 USD.

 Save money, protect the environment , reduce the carbon footprint and offset the trade deficit by keeping your spent Dollars in your state & country. Create jobs and be patriotic and use locally produced energy.

America's own clean natural gas for America's transportation need

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CNG-One, LLC is a dynamic, innovative enterprise which has been formed to bring the American Driving Public a clean, safe, dependable and inexpensive alternative to gasoline & diesel.

IMAGINE paying $1.00 per gallon to fuel your car !!


This CNG small fleet compressor can be placed at your place of business allowing you to fuel for $1.00 per 1 Gas Gallon Equivalent (GGE) depending on your natural gas and electric suppliers... Please contact us for details.