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Welcome to CNG-One licenced dealers & installers (CNG-One LDI)

We encourage professionals in the automotive service industry to explore the benefit of becoming CNG-One licenced authorized dealers/installers. Please contact CNG-One for additional information.


There are some requirements to become associated with our enterprise to reap the many benefits we have to offer; here are some highlights to name few for authorized/licensed dealers:


1- Must adhere to CNG-One strict code of ethics

2- Possess technical ability

3- Pay unwavering attention to safety and customers properties

4- Attend CNG-One educational and training programs

5- Pass licensing examination for CNG fuel system 

6- Pass ASE CNG national certifications

7- Have a physical location to serve CNG customers

8- CNG-One, LLC will train, market, supply CNG conversion systems. CNG-One will train, assist and install CNG fueling equipment for homes, fleets and in public locations

9- Train and pass CSA Certified Inspector.